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In Democratic primary, Elizondo’s experience sets him apart

Both speak with a sense of urgency about addressing festering economic and health disparities in District 2. They have energy and passion in abundance.

Urgency is an admirable trait. But so is experience and accomplishment in county government. And that’s what sets Elizondo apart from his challengers.

Elizondo, viewed by many as the county’s budget guru, has spent much of his lengthy career working to improve health and economic disparities in this community.

He was an important player in the expansion of University Health System’s trauma center, the renovation of the Robert B. Green campus as well as the forthcoming Women & Children’s Inpatient Tower at the South Texas Medical Center.

In the past, Elizondo has played a key role in addressing flood control issues across the county, and he has been responsive to addressing shoddy and unpaved county roads.

For decades, he has been involved in every big county decision; and he’s also been instrumental in streamlining operations and creating a county manager position.

If elected, Elizondo has said this will be his last term. He has said he would like to see several large projects through fruition such as the transformation of the San Pedro Creek into a walkable linear park and the renovation of the long moribund Alameda Theater downtown.

His experience could also prove invaluable as the region pursues a potentially transformative transit plan.

Born in 1935, Elizondo is a former Marine. He’s also a former teacher, band director and music supervisor at the Edgewood and San Antonio independent school districts.

He served in the Texas House from 1979 to 1982. He was first elected to represent Precinct 2 in 1983.

He remains sharp on the issues, has the pulse of the entire community and is deeply involved in county government.

There will be a time when San Antonio politics and Elizondo aren’t synonymous, but we don’t believe this primary is the right moment. While Rodriguez and Bravo are outstanding candidates, we recommend Elizondo in the Democratic primary for Precinct 2.

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